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" How to do justice to Homer?

Named after the epic poet, he has character to match! He is a striking mix of strong and endearing. True to the breed he is somehow shockingly intelligent, and he likes to feel in charge. At the dog-park he is bossy towards the big dogs and easily  keeps up with them, but he is protective of the ones who are smaller than the rest. He would play all day every day if it were up to him--and it usually is. We have never encountered a creature as affectionate and expressive of love. Our neighbor aptly described him as , if not emotional then, emotive. He is devoted to us , and we are devoted to him. Thinking about it I realize he has changed the way we live. We are so grateful to Timea for the gift of Homer. She is a remarkable person and breeder, and we wouldn't go t o anyone else ( unless she sent us there!). "

" Dear Timea,

Thank you so much for Mona and Izabella. They are wonderful dogs, and have already brought so much love and fun into our lives. We appreciate you thinking of us, and hope you will continue to stay in touch with us and them.

                         Thanks again,

                                       Cathy and Dave "

Garth finishing his puppy obedience class ...way to go, boy !!!

" Dear Timea,

Thank you so much for our wonderful pup Louie! He has brought so much joy to our family... he is "too" cute, intelligent and fun lovely ....great boat dog. Our ''poodle'' experience with you has been top notch from the very start... the videos, texts and pictures really enhanced the experience. We hope to maintain the relationship as Louie grows into adulthood.

           Jeanne and Frans van Hekken

Maximus Minimus love to spend time with his mom and dad being spoiled and travel everywhere they go.


Bogie is enjoying his summer and staying cool.

Abbie is getting all the attention just by looking pretty.

Walter Harvey and Blossom are best BFFs

Saban loves his big sister. Now Sophie has a play mate to keep up.

Its always fun time when Scarlet is being spoiled lol:)

There's never a doll moment in this bunch !

Remy, Meadow and Primrose love to keep it tight :)

 Merry Christmas


                  Happy New Year!


      From Indigo and Winston

      "We are so happy to have Beau. He is a total delight. He has a wonderful disposition. He will sit calmly on my lap for an hour each morning when we have coffee with our friends and then later when we play, he is totally engaged.

       He is an affectionate and very happy little guy.

       Thanks for giving him such a good start, Timea."

   " Timea, we can't thank you enough for Bailey .

    He is a loving, energetic puppy who has already brought a great deal of joy into our lives.           

     Bailey is also a big hit with our neighbors winning many compliments for his beautiful coat, good looks, and spunky personality.

      He gets lots of attention, hugs and kisses from his neighborhood fan club and can't wait to go for walks to meet everyone.

      He is also the smartest little fellow, has a great disposition and has been easy to train.

     We couldn't be happier and if you ever this way please stop by and say hello." 







Dedicated to protect and preserve the poodle breed in a constant search for the poodles that best represent the standard in

personality, health and conformation

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